"Knowledge is power". Thats why our pros continuously attend seminars and gain certifications  from the best golfing brains in the world.


Kegan has a Degree in PGA Golf Studies and is a fully qualified Class A Professional, qualifying in 2017. The PGA degree consists of:

  • Golf Coaching Level 1 and 2

  • Custom Fitting

  • Club Building

  • Sports Science

  • Retail and Customer Service

  • Sports Science

  • Technology

  • and more!

TPI Level 1

Kegan has the Titleist Performance Institution Level 1 Qualification. This qualification covers in detail the 12 main swing characteristics and the screening tests for a full body assessment. This is extremely valuable in golf coaching as a lot of coaches try and get players to move in a. certain way, but TPI coaches have the knowledge to understand what a player can and can't physically do.


Kegan has SuperSpeed Level 3 certification. The highest certification from SuperSpeed golf. Kegan utilises the SuperSpeed sticks/equipment, all 5 protocols, drills, tests and clinics in his coaching.

SuperSpeed golf teaches coaches how to swing faster and in return hit the ball longer. The certifications covers ground forces, rotation/sequencing and lag/hand speeds. To utilise SuperSpeed training technology is used to measure speed data.  KJ Golf have GC Quad and HackMotion technology with ForcePlates on their way!


Kegan is a qualified Ping Fitter. Ping have provided the Ping Fitting way to KJ Golf! This includes, putter, wedges, irons, woods and driver. KJ Golf can perform Level 1 and Level 2 fittings to all golfers.

KJ Golf are now SuperFitters meaning they have a large choice of heads and shafts for all Ping clubs at hand.


Kegan is an Eyeline Certified instructor. Eyeline teach all the essentials in putting. To teach putting you need the best putting equipment. KJ Golf use EyeLine Golf putting aids to help players improve. 


Kegan is a US Kids qualified instructors. Kegan took the certification in 2020 to learn more about how to develop junior golfers into elite athletes.

We implement a lot of US Kids into our junior coaching programmes.


Kegan is qualified in Foresights Peak training. Foresight are the makers of the GCQuad technology KJ Golf use in their lessons and fittings. 

PEAK™ Certified Professional Training has been developed by some of golf’s most trusted and knowledgeable instructors who share the belief that great technology combined with great training is essential to game improvement and professional growth.


Developed by award-winning PGA Professional Instructor Liam Mucklow with input and guidance from renowned instructors including Martin Hall, Butch Harmon and Peter Kostis, PEAK™ Certified Professional Training offers a wide spectrum of educational tools designed to elevate the game in every aspect; from fitting, instruction and coaching programmes, to the performance of every player that shares their passion for the game.

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