Code of Conduct and Rules

Shires Junior Golf Tour is a relaxed and fun series. But to ensure everyone enjoys the events, the Code of Conduct and Rules must be followed;

Code of Conduct

For players and parents;

– Shires Junior Golf Tour expects good sportsmanship from all parents and players at all times; the applauding of players, the shaking of hands and, most of all, an enjoyable playing environment is expected.
– We understand parents can sometimes get over involved with their children, so we please ask that they take a step back and let their child play golf. The added pressure could spoil their day.
– No parents on the 18-hole course caddying unless agreed with the Shires Junior golf Tour on course Managers.
– Parents who want to walk the course can watch from a safe distance, and are encouraged to help with ball spotting. But there must be no ‘unnecessary’ interaction with the players.

Code of Conduct Violations;
– Etiquette must always come first; Unsportsmanlike behaviour, deliberate miscounting of shots, breaking the rules, abusive language, bullying, the throwing of clubs, disrespect to fellow players, volunteers or officials will not be allowed.
– No mobile phones on the golf course.
– No taking photos or videoing other players.
– No alcohol.


Rules of play on Main Tour (18 holes);

– All competitions have full handicap qualifying status – recognised by England Golf.
– The competition will be played under the Royal & Ancient Club of St Andrews Rules of Golf.
– Golf etiquette will be adhered to, good behaviour on the course and around the clubhouse at all times.
– Caddies are permitted in certain instances- talk to the Tour managers.
– Dress codes must be observed. Players are not permitted to wear jeans, trainers, t-shirts or football shirts.
– All players must sign in at the registration desk no later than 30 minutes before their tee time and arrive at the tee no later than 10 minutes before their start time.
– Upon finishing the competition, all players should return to the registration desk to check, sign and hand in their cards.
– In the event of a tie, a count back of the last nine holes completed and, if still tied, the last six, last four, last two or last one. If still tied, a sudden-death play-off from the first hole will decide the winner.
– Distance measuring devices are permitted.
– In the event of any issues on the golf course, parents should speak, in private, to the Shires Junior Golf tour Director or Manager  not in front of the players. Any decision made by the Shires Junior Golf tour Officials will be final.



Rules for nine-hole competitions;

– Competitors in the same division will play from the same tees (ladies or forward tees, depending on the division).
-Rule sheets will be handed out at events.
– Air shots will count as one stroke.
– Should a player fail to get out of a bunker after two strokes Diamond Division only, the player can then pick and place the ball to the side of the bunker no closer to the hole, without penalty, but their two strokes will be added to their score.
– The 10-shot rule means no more than 10 strokes can be taken on a hole. Once a 10 is reached, a player must pick up their ball and wait for the other players in the group to complete the hole. 10 will be added to the scorecard.


Caddie Policy-  Copper & Diamond Division;

Juniors are permitted one caddie to help them on the course, coaching is not allowed.
The role of the caddie is to support, encourage and  advise on club selection and they are allowed to attend the flag on the greens. It’s imperative that the caddies make sure pace of play is adhered to.

Further members of the players family must watch at a safe distance making sure they keep to the sides of the Tees, fairways and behind the greens when a player is putting.

Pace of play ;

Pace of play is paramount for an enjoyable round. Caddies should prepare the player for the next shot without delay this will help maintain pace with the group in front.  Two practice swings only and a maximum of 15 mins per hole for a 3 ball or 20 mins per 4 ball this is our guideline . A  2 shot penalty  canbe in forced if players and caddies are continuously taking to long.

Injuries or Accidents;

With such big fields the Shires Junior Golf Tour implicates strict rules and marshals are in place to advise, Shires Junior Golf tour  will not be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that happen at any of the events.
Competitors play at their own risk. Spectators walk the course also at their own risk.