SuperSpeed Academy Guidelines

SuperSpeed Information:


  • A speed training programme running weekly throughout the whole year

  • Follows the SuperSpeed 6-week protocols

  • Led by 3 PGA Professionals certified in SuperSpeed Lvl 3

  • Maximum of 12 players in each session

  • SuperSpeed sticks can be provided 

  • Sticks can be purchased at a discounted rate at KJ Golf Shop

  • Sole focus is increasing speed and distance!

  • Monitor swing speed before and after each session


Perks of Academy:


  • 10% off further private tuition

  • 10% off from KJ Golf Shop 

  • Exclusive WhatsApp chat- message us for link

  • Increased distance and power= better golf!


Rules of Academy:


  • All customers must perform the SuperSpeed warm up before starting the protocol

  • KJ Golf will not be liable for any injuries 

  • We will provide sticks in sessions but customers must purchase their own sticks in order to follow the full programme- these will be available from KJ Golf at a discounted price

  • Each session must be booked online at

  • If a direct debit is cancelled you may not be able to rejoin due to limited spaces- you are paying for your place 

  • Must wear golfing attire- speak to Kegan if unsure!

  • Photos and videos will be taken each session